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Luna County

Deming NM 88030

 4 Lots Two ½ and Two 1 Acre at Luna County Deming, NM 88030

Beautiful Deming, NM Luna County Tomorrow Lane Estates

WOW! Here you can own 4 beautiful piece of lands in Luna County Deming, NM! The price listed is for all four (six) .5 Acre Lots

Sunshine Valley Ranchettes

Unit 10 Block 21 Tract 14                              ½ Acre

County Value                                                                $600.00

Sunshine Valley Ranchettes

Unit 14 Block 5 Tract 38 &

Unit 14 Block 5 Tract 39 Side by Side          1 Acre

County Value                                                                 $1200.00

Deming Ranchettes

Unit 63 Block 4 Tract 28                                ½ Acre

County Value                                                                 $600.00

Deming Ranchettes

Unit 85 Block 5 Tract 2

Unit 85 Block 5 Tract 3 Side by Side            1 Acre

County Value                                                                $1200.00

.5 Acre (APN# 3050136044493)

GPS Coordinates 32.2840692800442,-107.735983755403

Land is valued in 2019 by Luna County @ $600. Estimated taxes for 2019 are $21.45.

Be sure to copy and past the GPS coordinates into Google Maps to get a birds-eye view of the property via satellite. Right near downtown Deming, only 4.4 miles to WalMart!

Warranty Deed / No Tax Debt!

Contact me with questions, I accept the standard options for payment but if you have questions please ask.

Once I receive the full payment, I will contact Luna County and have the deed turned over to you. It is that simple! (Luna Countydoes sometimes take a few weeks to process the transfer.)

Deming, the county seat of Luna County, was founded in 1881 and incorporated in 1902.

It was named after Mary Ann Deming Crocker, wife of Charles Crocker, one of the big four of the railroad industry at the time. The famous silver spike was placed in Deming denoting the completion of the second transcontinental railroad.

Luna County is part of the land area obtained from Mexico by the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1846 and the Gadsden Purchase of 1883. It was part of Grant County from 1868 to 1901, when Luna County was formed.

Today Deming is the only major stop on Interstate 10 between Lordsburg and Las Cruces. A thriving business and agricultural community, Deming is home to a Border Patrol training center, and several movies – Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Gas Food Lodging – were filmed in the area. Border Foods’ world’s largest chile processing plant is at home here.

A hub for tourism, Deming is a starting point for self-guided tours of southern New Mexico including the Florida Mountains and Rockhound State Park. Vacationers enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including rock hounding, camping and hiking. The three-day Rockhound Roundup in March brings afficianados from around the world. Deming is home to one of the finest museums in the region, the Mimbres Museum and Custom House, offering a glimpse of early Western history and culture.

Luna County has some of the best solar values resulting in the first wind project in the southwestern part of the state to start in February 2011. There are three potential solar projects coming to the county in addition to news of a solar field being developed. Luna County is moving forward and being supportive of green energy to our area.

With an excellent climate, pure water and friendly people, the area is attracting retirees, snowbirds and young families looking for a small city and a southwestern lifestyle.

By accepting the contract you will assume the loan at $94.65 per month for 5 Years or $229.72 per month for 2 years OTHER plans are available email us.

THIS IS OWNER FINANCED — No Credit Checks — No Qualifying — Monthly Payments choices as follows:

Total Cash Value $5400.00 10% Discount for Cash Payments. 1 Lot everage Price is $900.00 and 1800 Approx.

2 Years 24 Payments with 2% Interest $229.72 PM.

On time Payments will be given 1% interest credit back at the end of the payments.

plus a one time processing fee of $69.00. The required down payment is the first months payment plus the processing/documentation fee. You will be charged a one time processing fee of $69.00 which is due with your down payment. There is no prepayment penalty for early payoff. A Grant Deed will be sent to you via certified mail upon payment in full at end of loan. 

The buyer will send the down payment amount and the processing fee of $75.00 Each Lot, a total of $350.00. The Land SaleContract will be sent to you priority mail upon receipt of your down payment and processing fee.  Be an informed buyer!!! Please ask any questions you might have prior to bidding. We are easy to contact and ready to answer any questions.  

I only accept paypal for first time payment… During the loan I accept cash, personal checks, money grams, bank deposits.

  Terms and Conditions: This land is being sold in“as is” condition. Seller makes no representations, warranties of any kind whatsoever, expressed or implied regarding the nature, value, source, authenticity, fitness, merchantability or any other aspect or characteristic of this property. Seller makes no representation as to future prospects for increases in value of this property. All prospects buyers are urged to do their own due diligence to their own satisfaction prior to bidding on this property. All properties are sold in “as-is” condition. Prospective purchasers are urged to examine, visit and research all properties prior to bidding – bid upon “due-diligence”. All information contained in this listing page has come from reliable sources and is accurate to the best of our knowledge. We make no guarantee expressed or implied as to the location, condition, accessibility, terrain, build ability or information contained in this listing. As seller, we guarantee that there are no liens on the property and that we will provide the buyer with a Grant Deed upon payment in full.

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Available for 1 to 5 Years Owner Financed.

Two .5 Acre and Two 1.0 Acre side by side Lots. or you can contact us to get 1 or two we will work it out for you accordingly but this listing is for all 4 lots.


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